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Have you ever climbed a distant peak to which you have never been?

You know that other people have climbed it, so you are confident that it is reachable. Simply, you do not have a map and must depend on a miscellany of worn and not-so-worn paths that you find along the way — some are marked and some are not. And then, there is gravity always pushing down to remind you that you are going up. This latter is the best of guides. Your goal is to create a map that others can follow with relative ease.

If you would like to participate in such a venture, then I encourage you to subscribe.

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In the comments section you may ask questions about unclear terrain, express concern about the safety of same, and even help decide the next path to take. Remember: the purpose of the book is to create a path for others to follow.

Though I have never been to the top; I have learned from others that it is very revealing once arrived.

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I was attracted to this site by the likes of Glenn Greenwald, Edward Snowden, Matt Taibbi, Aaron Maté, and others.

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